Sailing Flying Paradiso

With special soundtrack, and big thanks to good friends, Peter Erskine (drums), John Aebercrombie (guitars), Alan Broadbent (piano), John Patitucci (double-bass), Terence Blanchard (trumpets), Alex Acuña (percusions) you are awesome! You make space for the music and even the flute, let’s do some more soon!

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Philippe Kahn,, Nov 9, 2015, fantastic drone footage of Pegasus MotionX 20ft carbon foiling cat first sail

January 2nd, 2015

Philippe Kahn and Sonia Lee wish a prosperous year from Fullpower MotionX for the year of the Apple Watch, Google Wear, Jawbone Up

Philippe Kahn, Sonia Lee, Fullpower, MotionX wish a prosperous year to Apple Watch, Google Wear, Jawbone UP

New A-Cat DNA Z-Boards

New A-Cat DNA Z-Boards, now single handed foiling. Wind and waves behind the storm today… Right off Steamers. Bumpy ride, great photography. Thanks Mischa and Bruce!

Philippe Kahn, Pegasus Racing, New A-Cat DNA Z-Boards

Rigging the new Pegasus-MotionX flying machine in Santa Cruz

Rigging the new Pegasus-MotionX flying machine for the first time outside of our workshop, as the rain stopped just in time. Tomorrow Sunday first test-sail!

Rigging the new Pegasus-MotionX flying machine

Pegasus-MotionX Carbon Beams in, Aero Trampoline… Another couple days of work and sea trials, foils being faired…. Soon we will be flying!Pegasus-MotionX Carbon Beams in, Aero Trampoline

Pegasus-MotionX Carbon Foiling 20 ready to fly!